Bikes Plus on 9th wants to make sure your bike stays in the same top-performing condition you remember buying it in, and we are so confident your bike has this potential, that we back our work with a guarantee.

Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee complete work on any bike you buy from Bikes Plus on 9th Ave. We even guarantee our work on bikes we don’t sell as long as they were originally purchased

from an Independent Bicycle Dealer. Our guarantee means you only pay for our service once. If you’re not satisfied, we will continue to diagnose and service your bike for

FREE (up to 30 days after the original service), until it’s right as long as the problem is specifically related to our service.

Customer Loyalty Benefit Program

We believe, that when you purchase a new bicycle or upgrade your current one, you make an investment with us. We appreciate your business and express that by making a commitment to you at the cost of our service labor.

If you purchase a new bike from us, we offer FREE complete check-ups for the first year of ownership. Parts not included.

We also offer a 5% discount on all service labor on bikes purchased from us for any repair on the bike for as long as you own the bike.

If you purchase any part or accessory from us, we will offer you a 5% discount on the installation of that part or accessory.

Simply buy from us and we’ll make sure you receive your labor discounts automatically.

Bicycle Tune-up Pricing


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$10000Bikes Plus Pro-Tune
  • # 816

Pro-Tune Plus

$15000Bikes Plus Pro-Tune Plus
  • # 812